Saturday, July 24, 2010

This Place

This Place

There is a place on the farm

To get away from it all

This place has a certain charm

Open and free with no walls

Green rows that go on for miles

Topped with white flowers so high

A landscape so beautiful and wild

Yet not like the days gone by

Surrounding the field of green and white

A dirt road weaves and whines

Standing tall the fireweed is such a sight

A more perfect place is hard to find

The irrigation sprinklers spray the mist

The heat of the day shines down from above

The water beads on leaves its kissed

And moistens the ground that was tilled with love

Such a sunny day with puffy white clouds

A slight breeze sings through the leaves

Of trees that stand so tall and proud

And still so much more to see

With Pioneer Peak rising to the sky

What an incredible and glorious day

An eagle soars on wings so high

This place just takes your breath away!

By: Luke Delia

This poem is published in the book

"In Your Face" Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

All Pain All GLORY!

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