Monday, July 26, 2010

Quest for Fossils

Quest for Fossils

Tires slipping across wet stones
Dirt spitting, engine roaring
A sudden leap forward
Traction again, gripping like sandpaper.

Steep slopes giving way
Another jolt forward
My heart races
Thoughts flood my mind.

Will the tires grip like claws
Will the mountain give us calm
The treasures await us
All the risks are worthwhile.

To reach the summit takes courage
To reach the summit means reward
Fossils abound, wet stones cold,
Wiping away the mud reveals the past.

The treasures brought home
I'll examine with care
Amazing that what I hold in my hand
Is part of my past present and future.

I look up to see the crest of the summit
Now a new excitement takes over
The hunt will now begin
But in a few hours my heart will race
Because down the mountain we'll go again.

By: Luke Delia

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